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MILJACKI MIRKO MATAK  Construction all sorts of tambura instruments.

For producing high quality musical instrument, it is very important to choose good wood. Therefore, he pays particular attention to choice of the wood, its preparation and processing.
To get the best resultats, he uses his experience and skills that he gained from many years of working.he also o wes his gratitude to the workers who taught him the secrets this graft.
MILJACKI MIRKO MATAK he has been in the instruments crafting business since 1980 year.

Tambura"s  are made mostly from maplewood and rosewood. Front board from spruce hat has highly resonant properties. Instruments are made by hand, by secrets of crafting that are passed on for generations. All details, like, hardness, elasticity, sticking and finishing are equally important for producing top quality instrument. that has special look and sound with a sing of a master Matak.

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